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Chocolate Appreciation & Tasting Session


This would be a limited-seating chocolate appreciation and tasting class for epicureans and aficionados of premium gourmet chocolate. The session will cover a broad range of topics on fine chocolate, followed by a guided tasting in which participants will sample an assortment of chocolate selections.

Learning Elements

Participants will:

  • - Learn about the chocolate making process from bean to bar, tasting cocoa butter and nibs in their purest forms.
  • - Learn to identify REAL chocolate using our sensory guides of quality, so they will never ever be fooled by imitations
  • - Learn to appreciate chocolate in different forms for an understanding of aroma, flavour, texture and taste.
  • - Learn chocolate terminology used by professional chocolatiers, chefs, and industry insiders.


The session will be presented by master chocolatier Ms. Arti Dhingra along with her team of trainers. The language of instruction will be English.

Duration: 2 hours